All treatments are unisex and include a rigorous skin and personal health analysis and consultation. WHAT SETS OUR FACIALS APART is that every single service is designed specifically for your needs regardless of the general service outlines listed below.

  • Technology and Treatment Detail

    Use this description to gain a clearer understanding of the technology that Focus and your esthetician have available to achieve your specific goals.

    Galvanic Current

    Constant and direct (DC) current rectified to a safe, low-voltage level. Chemical changes are produced when the current is passed through certain solutions containing acids and salts. Chemical effects are also produce when a galvanic current is passed through the tissues and fluids of the body. There are two poles, a positive (+) and negative (-).

    The Positive Pole

    Used to close follicles (pores) after the facial treatment, decreases redness commonly found with mild acne, prevents inflammation after blemish treatments and forces astringent (acid PH) solutions into the skin to combat future breakout.

    The Negative Pole

    Used to stimulate circulation of blood to dry skin. Used to force disincrustation lotion ( alkaline PH) solutions into the skin.

    High Frequency Treatments

    Used to stimulate, sanitize and heal the skin. This treatment is designed to provide high frequency currents that generate warmth in the skin and stimulate nerve endings, in turn increasing blood circulation, nourishing the skin and improving product penetration. By increasing skin metabolism, high frequency ozone facials encourage healthy cell function and promote skin healing


    Often referred to as microplaning, skin planing or dermablasion, this technique us used to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin with a blade. Dermaplaning is an effective way to resurface the skin, while also removing Venus (peach fuzz) hairs revealing smoother glowing skin.

    Vacuum Extraction

    Used to safely and gently remove impurities from follicle and pore basins with a vacuum rather than the traditional steel loop which can cause further irritation.

    UV Light

    Commonly referred to as the “Reveal” light. UV light passes through tissue to allow a visualization of sun damage and hyper pigmentation that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This skin snapshot allows your esthetician to form a treatment plan that literally allows us to target specific areas and improve skin condition from the inside out.

  • Aftercare


    Directly after your session, you will likely notice redness. If you plan to return to work or social engagement, we are happy to provide a cosmetic application afterward. Even with a gentle treatment, post facial redness and/or breakouts are a common phenomenon without tender care. Here are a few ways you can minimize these effects following your service:

    Cleanse carefully

    Give yourself a break from vigorous cleansing including Clairsonic and other like facial cleansing tools at least 48 hours after your service.


    Be lavish with sunscreen for at least a week following your facial to avoid discomfort. Just like your mother said, you can never wear too much SPF.


    No waxing, threading or laser removal 24 hours before or after a facial service.

    Take Home

    Use the appropriate products at home. Your esthetician will guide you into an at home regimen to fit your budget whilst retaining the results of your treatment and investment.

  • Body

    60 Minute Back Facial


    A body treatment designed to deep cleanse and exfoliate those hard to reach places, encouraging a smoother texture alongside more supple and glowing skin. Also includes extractions and soothing relaxation and circulatory massage.

    90 Minute Full Body Facial & Exfoliation


    A luxury service designed to ease daily stress and rejuvenate the body. Keep your skin soft, hydrated and healthy by indulging in this treatment that gently sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing younger, brighter more supple glowing skin. Finish off with a relaxing circulatory massage.

  • Face

    30 Minute Mini Maintenance Facial


    Perfect for those on the go or looking to maintain a previous 60 minute Signature Facial, best for those who want a boost in regular skin maintenance. This service includes: deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam treatment, mask, toner and moisture. Extractions may be purchased as an extension of this service, $15 additional.

    60 Minute Signature Facial


    A specifically designed deep cleansing and relaxing facial or looking to maintain a previous 90 minute Pro-Youthing Facial. This service includes: double cleansing, exfoliation, steam treatment, toner, moisture and basic extraction. Additional extractions may be purchased as an extension of this service, $15 additional.

    90 Minute Pro-Youthing Facial


    A luxury service designed to address your personal aging concerns. This service includes: specialized exfoliation, microplaning and/or peel treatments based up needs and sensitivity levels, double cleanse, pro-circulation facial massage and tightening treatment. Additionally, service may include: high frequency, extractions and dermaplaning.

  • Glo Minerals Information

    Glo Minerals/Glo Therapeutics/Glo Cyto-Luxe

    Our esthetician uses exclusive Glo-Therapeutics and Cyto-Luxe skincare products that offer a revolutionary breakthrough in skincare science. Glo offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin concerns simultaneously by incorporating a daily maintenance regimen with advanced in-salon treatments. Utilizing innovative technology and cutting-edge science, formulations are created with potent concentrations of active ingredients that have been clinically proven to transform the skin. Originally born in a dermatological practice, Glo products are free of parabens, dyes, fragrance, gluten, nuts and soy. Additionally, the company is carbon neutral, cruelty free and uses 100% recycled plastics and paper in all packaging. Teamed with the knowledge of our esthetician we are sure to be successful in providing the best skin care treatments to fit your needs and concerns.

  • Cosmetic





    Stylized Application


    Formal Finish Application

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